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Very useful, beautiful interface, everything is done wisely. With the help of the courses, I really became a different person!



I wish I had this before I made 1000 mistakes. Great advices and techniques that allow you to work on yourself, improve your emotional intelligence and support you! + cool diary. Thank you!



I can quit all types of gambling. I am in the middle of the course, it’s really helpful. I haven’t gambled for 8 days now. Thank you so much!


Recovery from your pocket

Psycho-Educational Courses

The core of the app: designed by a team of psychologists, courses cover several topics and have a stepwise, easy to follow approach. Daily lessons and exercises that combine various therapeutic techniques, including CBT and Gestalt therapy.

94% of attendees said courses helped their condition

Self-Care Diary

A therapeutic journal is a handy reminder to take care of yourself. Track your mood, write your thoughts and make amends to yourself. Complemented by weekly stats and analytics, the diary is a powerful and effective tool.

86% of our active users fill the diary regularly

Psychosutra is a huge and growing collection of coping-skill exercises divided by feelings. Anxiety, fear, anger, jealousy, sadness, melancholy, guilt and more… your emotions have never been more manageable.

97% said our exercises help them feel better

Coping Skills

Emergency Chat

The chatbot has been designed specifically to give you support in a moment of crisis and to walk you through different coping exercises. Using various clinically proven techniques, you will be able to break down your thoughts and rationalize.

93% calmed down using our chat when in need

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