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We strive to empower people with vulnerabilities, encouraging them to take control of their life.

" Our goal is to increase awareness, provide easy access to therapy and promote sustainability in the gaming industry "

Gambless was founded in 2019 as a sub-division of Mindspa, a platform aimed at increasing awareness about Mental Health issues, offering affordable and accessible psychological therapy through online programs.

The mission of the organization is pursued via information sharing, public speaking, advocacy and with the distribution of dedicated Mobile Apps, ideated and shaped by a perfect mix of psychotherapists, addiction specialists and UX experts.

Our ambition is to fix a failed market, not by replacing the typical 1 to 1 therapy, but quite the opposite, by fighting the stigma and reaching out to a broader audience of people in need of assistance.

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If you can't stop, make sure you spend your money wisely. Gamble Less, Gamble Smart.

success stories

You are not alone in your struggles. Find motivation in reading other people who came out on top.

Andy’s post on Medium is the story of how the occasional habit can turn into pathology as soon as gambling becomes more available. As matter of fact, the author moved to Las Vegas for work, and that’s where his troubles began. He describes in details the psychological tricks casinos use to lure customers, while finances and personal life get compromised. Just when he thought the hole he dug was too deep, he opened up in despair to other people and, with help and emotional support, he made his way into a successful recovery.

Andy Bellatti

Justyn shared his story in an emotional TED talk.  It’s the story of how a free £5 bet led to a full blown addiction to gambling. He had everything: a successful career, a caring wife and three sons. But loses everything, including his job, his family and his home, because of a relentless addiction to online betting. He ultimately found hope and recovered successfully, gaining back the trust of his children. Now he is determined to share his wisdom to help those who are struggling with secret habits, compulsion and addictions of all kinds.

Justyn Larcombe

The story of Jennifer is shared on Gambler ND. Jennifer got into gambling as she was finding ways to avoid loneliness. She became addicted to scratching tickets, to the point that it became all that she could think about. Unfortunately they were easily available, as she could buy them at any gas station. The addiction led to serious financial, social and health issues, until her husband gave her an ultimatum and to save her family she began a journey to recovery. Sharing her story, she now hopes to inspire other women struggling with addiction.

Jennifer Kobritz

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