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Gambless™ is the most comprehensive mobile app against problem gambling. Begin your journey to recovery with a holistic approach on mental health! Gambless provides you informative materials, self-help tools, coping-skills techniques and tailored support programs for a successful and long term improvement.

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daily journal & workouts

Keep track of your mood trends and gambling behaviour. Build new habits for a stronger, better self. 

online therapy courses

Psycho-educational programs, created by our team of therapists,  including support to problem gambling.

analytical tools

Diagnostics, stats, and analytics at your fingertips give you encouragement and motivation to keep going.

Our commitment

We strive to empower vulnerable individuals, encouraging them to take control of their life.

" Currently only 4% of problem gamblers seek professional help,
and only about 2% end up receiving treatment. "

Gambless was founded in 2019 as a subdivision of Mindspa, a platform offering affordable and accessible psychological support through online programs. Gambless was specifically ideated to spread awareness and prevention of gambling addiction, and to promote sustainability in the gambling industry. 

The mission of the organization is pursued via information sharing, public speaking, advocacy and with the creation of dedicated mobile apps, designed and built by a perfect mix of psychologists, addiction therapists and UX experts.

Our ambition is to fix a failed market, not by replacing the typical 1 to 1 therapy, but quite the opposite, by fighting the stigma and reaching out to a broader audience of people in need.

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rewarding structure

emergency support

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If you gamble, make sure you spend your money wisely. Gamble Less, Gamble Smart.

What are the main types of problem gamblers?

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