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Maurizio Savino

Co-founder & Responsible Gaming Advocate

As a former professional working for some of the world’s leading i-gaming brands, he is determined to promote corporates’ responsibility and sustainability, changing the perception of society toward the gambling industry. 

“Businesses cannot be successful
when the society around fails.”

Nika Nabokova

Co-founder & CMO

Popular journalist, psychologist and writer, author of four bestsellers. Passionate about helping others, she puts effort in mainstreaming the benefits of therapy to improve Mental Health. She is the ideator and main testimonial of Mind Spa.

“Once you are ready to accept yourself,
it is when you can begin to change.”

Helena Ershova

Co-founder & Head of Product

Renown psychologist and teacher, with focus on addictions and relationship issues. Thanks to her extensive experience in designing group programs, she leads the content team and is responsible for the structure of courses, our core product.

“The worst day in recovery is better
than the best day in relapse.”

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