Gambling: Pros & Cons

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If you have ever placed a bet or bought a lottery ticket in your life, you might be already aware of the main Pros and Cons of gambling.

There are some objective aspects, that are the same for everyone, and there are some subjective aspects that depend on your personality and way you deal with your emotions.

Some of the objective positive aspects are:

  • Gambling is entertaining and exciting
  • It’s relatively easy to understand
  • There is the possibility to Win money
  • There are various types to choose from

On the other hand, some of the objective negative aspects are:

  • There is the probability to Lose money
  • It’s hard or impossible to win consistently
  • People May Not Approve**
  • It can become addictive

After analysing the objective aspects of gambling, you can start to make your own decision as to whether or not it’s really worth it.

There is a simple question you need to ask yourself: is gambling right for you?

The answer to that comes down to whether or not gambling affects your life negatively. What you need to do is carefully consider the pros and cons mentioned above. Everyone who gambles is obviously attracted by the Pros. But can you deal with the Cons, without affecting the first assumption that gambling should be entertaining and fun?

  • Are you happy risking losses for the chance of winning?
  • Do you get bitter or guilty feelings when you lose?
  • Do you have the spare money to spend on gambling?
  • Does your gambling risk to ruin friendships or family relationships?
  • Do you have the discipline to gamble responsibly?

If you have doubts on some of the questions above, maybe gambling is not something you really enjoy after all. And you should perhaps find some other more rewarding activity instead.

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